Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I've been working on Strongbox West for a while now and I wanted to wait tell I finished before showing some Before and Afters BUT the exterior is so close. It's been so nice outside and I smile every time I pull up so forget it- I must show you some photos now. Strongbox West is a Co-working Community on the Westside of Atlanta (the best side of Atlanta). A lot of the members are in creative fields like web design, programing, graphic design, marketing, and so on. My clients Rick and Amy had a wish list addressing a lot of features and spacial issues they were ready to upgrade, but livening up the exterior was definitely on the top of the list. We decided on a deep grey and orange color palette because it felt lively and appealing to a Tech-savvy entrepreneur-type who may work here. The bold facade, custom signage and abstract photography are eye-catching from the street. We repaired the concrete and drew attention to the entrance with color and by extending the stairs to the left and added a clean pathway to the right. The new linear planter is built, lit and stained but empty while we wait for spring to get here! We're also still on the hunt for a funky vintage bench for the concrete platform on the left. After getting to know the rockstar owners Rick and Amy; keeping the original pirate flag was a no brainer.

We were able to keep the signage cost under control by hiring local artist Keri Cawley to construct the letters out of sheet metal and resin. You can also see in the before and after picture that the grey paint only wraps around the side to the window, you can imagine how much labor and paint we saved by doing this. We also reused the frames from the original window signage as an art feature and we found a new home for the giant red star inside.. More to come soon!

Monday, March 5, 2012


West Elm has launched an Indoor Garden line that I am really excited about. I love succulents and air plant, and I hear they are pretty easy to care for (a big plus for me). The terrariums and globes that are popular right now give the greenery a cool Sciencey look. They would blend well with a lot of different style homes from stark minimal to vintage shabby chic. The dull colors of cacti and succulents would also find  a place mixed in with a wide variety of room palettes. The plants range from $ 22.50- $37.50 and the containers from $8.00 -$129.00   

west elm

Another company on my raider is Flora Grubb Garden. They are a San Francisco based florist and their website is full of gorgeous flower arrangements and gifts. I love checking in on their blog for color inspiration, lately it has been featuring a lot of succulents and air plants. You can order these really unique gifts below on their online store. The Kits come with all the parts you need to create your own hanging or wall mounted mini garden. The kit prices range from $29.00 - $39.00 and would make a wonderful housewarming gift!

flora grubb gardens

 I first learned about Wearable Planter at the Indie Craft Experience.The Atlanta based jewelry designer, Colleen Jordan, creates these precious and delicate accessories with 3D software. The pattern is printed on materials like nylon and acrylic then hand finished. They make a sweet home for your favorite herb, a flower from your garden or a tiny succulent arrangement, and they just added a really cool collection for you bike too!

wearable planter

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