Monday, May 21, 2012


I hope you guys are not sick of me plugging yet because I have to share this unique modular rugs that I found today! I have a round dining table in a rectangle room at my house and I am always looking for an asymmetric rug for the space. I tried a cowhide for a while but it was like a magnet for my yellow labs hair. These completely original wool rugs from Sergio Mannino Studio are out of my price point but I am in love with them. Ever since I was a kid I've alway like to draw areal views, growing up it was maps of fictionally villages or floor plans of my dream home and now as an interior designer, it's part of my job description. I love the hand drawn quality of this pattern and the fact that the layout options are endless. The Non- Flying Carpet Collection is on Fab for a few more days and is sold in sets or as individual rugs. 


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