Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I know I'm always going on about Fab.com but this sale takes the cake! I read about ImagineNations in a design blog a long time ago and I completely forgot about them, which is hard to believe because I absolutely love globes. When I got an email for today's sales on Fab I think I squealed a little! Check out these beautiful globes that are decoupaged by hand. They also sell kits so you can embellish your own globe.


Monday, January 30, 2012


Nautical inspired fashion and home goods have been popping up a lot lately- just in time for Resort Wear. I have a soft spot in my heart for all things preppy and nautical, and I especially love it when designers bring the theme into modern times. Check out some accessories you could add to your life this Spring to get into the Maritime spirit!

1. Sailboat Model by Bobo Intriguing Objects 
2. All Aboard Stud Earrings by Kate Spade for $48.00
3. Yves Saint Laurent Resort Collection 2012 found on The Fashion Bomb Daily
4. Stripe Favorite Throw by West Elm for $29.00
5. Thomas Paul Ship Accent Pillow at Burke Decor for $60.00
6. Thomas Paul Wheel Cocktail Napkins at Burke Decor for $24.00
7. You Anchor Me Prink found on Pintrest.com

You've got to love these big fat boating knots to make a statement!

1. Salor's Knot Statement Necklace from Etsy for $20.00
2. Rope Wall Clock by Two's Company for $92.50 
3. "Let's Sail Away" Earrings found on Fab.com 
4. Do-it-youreslf Braided Doormat on Marthastewart.com
5. Not Knots Pillow found on The Designer Pad
6. Pier Lamp by Continental Home, found on elledecor.com

Thursday, January 26, 2012


So I know I just did a lighting post but I'm dying to share this crazy simple, beautiful floor lamp that I love, love love! While hunting for hypothetical chandeliers for my Lighting Switch-up post, I found Pulley by design studio, Monocomplex. It's made out of steel, walnut, and Teflon line and it's a completely adjustable task light. It is such a simple and well crafted design that suites the company name, Monocomplex, meaning simplicity and complex. I added some other designs by Monocomplex below Pulley.

pulley floor lamp

sang-gam table and stools

uccello side table and lamp

tap floor lamp

tap side table

Here is the super cool design team that makes up Monocomplex. The South Korean design studio opened in 2011, so I think we can expect some unique products from them in the future.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Last week I took a photo from Elle Decor and showed you how switching up one furniture piece would change the whole mood of the room. When I look at a photo of a room I can imaging the particular person or family it was designed for, by switching a focal piece it's like you are switching out the inhabitant of the photograph. The person becomes a little more refined and traditional or they have a wilder sense of humor or a taste for modern art. Each piece of furniture in a photo tells a part of a story, by shaking things up slightly you may alter the ending.
Today's beautiful dining room photograph is from Pintrest.com. Lighting is such a important part of design and the options are endless! Below are a few chandeliers that would impact this dining room greatly if switched.


I really like the staircase in the background of this photo and I thought by adding some warm bronze to the for-ground it would make the carpet on the staircase pop. The fixture I picked is a crystal globe from Restoration Hardware. I was hunting for something in this color palette and this one was a clear winner because the globe shape plays off of the arched doorway, the drapery pattern and the chair back pulls. Because of the form and finish, it would add formality, antiquity and tradition to the room.

This funky fixture is called Knotty Bubbles and it could take on a lot of different rolls depending on it's environment. This dining room is transitional and the current fixture reminds me of British Colonial Palms (a popular style in the South). If we switched it with the Knotty Bubbles it would steer away from "Southern Plantation" and straight towards "New England Shoreline".  This nautical inspired fixture would look beautiful against the grey and sea-foam color scheme and would add a slight touch of rustic charm. 
The Josephine Queen Chandelier by Metalarte has become a pretty iconic fixture (that few can afford). It's a really sexy and modern take on a traditional form. The shades also come in acrylic but I like that the linen option brings it back down to Earth a little. The curved lines and traditional form suite the room well, while the material and color transform the room into something young and daring.


This fixture is my personal favorite of the bunch! I love mixing traditional and contemporary pieces and this chandelier from Y Lighting is a big jolt of excitement in a very mellow setting. The dark bronze finish would accentuate the dark details in the room, like the rot iron railing and the dark chair legs. Because it is a skinny fixture, it wont add too much weight to the setting.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My personal design style typically leans towards the masculine side. I like dark and cool color palettes, modern design, slick and sexy furniture, and natural materials like exotic woods and uncommon stone. The day a client comes to me for an outrageous Bachelor Pad or  Man Cave, I will be thrilled and very prepared! I want to share some really cool game tables I've been sitting on, they'd make a perfect statement piece for a Man Cave.

This beer pong table was recently featured on Fab.com and I would love to use it somewhere - maybe that  dream bachelor client or a sports bar design in my future?? The table is sophisticated and well executed, hard to believe the goal of this table is to get you sloppy drunk!

chippewa five beer pong table

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I want to show you guys how easy it is to change the mood of a room by switching one or two key items. The photo below is from Elle Decor's Favorite Rooms of 2011. The room is very clean, simple, modern and understated. The furniture gives the space a masculine feel, but by adding the Love artwork it becomes more feminine. The chairs are iconic Mid-centruy and the concrete table and accessories gives the room some natural elements. Watch what happens when we switch up the pedestal table with some other styles.

Elle Decor

This iconic table by Eero Saarinen is a safe switch-up because it's from the same era as the chairs. By replace the existing table with this one, we would be giving the room a very definitive Mid-century style. The color palette in the photograph is monochromatic white with black as an accent, the Saarinen Table would push it into a black and white high contrast scheme. 

saarinen table

I picked this table based on the artwork in the image, it feels like a Pop piece and it also makes me think of Palm Springs. The Bianca table by Bradley Hughes would add more of that glitz and glamour into the room.

bradley hughes

This table comes from B & B Italia, a leader in high end modern furniture design. I picked it because it's a very traditional form and it would add a level of polish and tradition to the room. Because the table is lacking decorative details, it remains fairly modern.

b & b italia

The Drain Table by Marcel Wanders is a humorous table that would add a spark of youth and cheer into the room. The bright color adds some warms and a burst of life and the glossy red plays off of the Love artwork. It's made out of aluminum sheet and there's a glass panels covering the hole in the center. When you see this table in person it has the illusion of a deep sinking hole in the center.


A very different approach to adding warmth into the photo is with this table made out of natural drift wood. The warm wood brings some of the nature in the background, into the for-ground. The glass top keeps the space airy and light.

pieces atlanta
Consider this game if you have a room in your house that's feeling a little stale. It's fun mixing different styles and eras together to create unique moods. Don't be afraid to try something new!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


If you haven't discovered Fab.com, today is your lucky day! There are loads of daily deal sites for home goods and fashion; RuLaLa, The Foundry, One King Lane, Jack Threads and so on. In my opinion, Fab.com kicks the competition's toosh! One of the sales going on now is for high quality prints from photographers Brent and Sara of Denver based studio, Patterns from Above. They photograph landscapes from a plane to create really interesting abstract images. I love maps and globes, so this style of aerial photography really gets me! Check out Brent and Sara's work, 18" x 18" prints are for sale now for $70.00 on Fab.com.

Here is some similar aerial photography from artist Matthew Moore. You can find this artist on another badass website 20x200. This site is a really cool online store that features limited and affordable prints from a handful of artists. It's a great middle ground between buying mass produced art (lame) and original art (expensive). The site is broken down by Price, Category, Color or Artist and each artist has a brief bio and link to their personal site so you can get into the idea of collecting art. 

matthew moore

While we are on the subject- I've been dying for the chance to use one of these really unique rugs I first found in Dwell Magazine. Landcarpet is an Australian wool rug collection designed by Florian Pucher. The thick and three-dimentional texture is so well made and the color palettes would suite a lot of different rooms and finishes. 





Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I found this really cool card / stationary company, Quill & Fox, on Young Blood Gallery's site. They are based out of Portland, Oregon and they design the sweetest little cards. I love this Valentine's Day Collection they just released. 

Below are some samples of their everyday stationary and postcards, you can also see some of their custom print work in their lookbook.

If you're in the market for some fantastic handmade print-work like this, Young Blood Gallery is currently hosting a show called Go South: Southern Printmaking.

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