Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I was originally set on an all green monochromatic holiday scheme this year but while I was snooping for materials at Hobby Lobby I came across a cheetah print ribbon I couldn't say no to. NOW, my decor will be mostly green with with neon yellow and cheetah tone accents. You never know where your vision will take you! I'm feeling like me concept just went from CB2 to Kate Spade. I just got started tonight, more to come soon!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A while ago I looked into DNA art for my husband and I. There are a few companies that do it but the one I liked the most (and had the fairest prices) was DNA11. The way it works is: you create a DNA sample with their kit by swabbing the inside of your cheek and mailing it in. They capture your one-of-a-kind DNA strand in some sciencey gel, enhance the image and print the pattern. You can choose your color palette and size. They also do couples portraits, like the black and white one below. I hadn't been on the site in a while and I was excited to see all the new products they have now, like the thumb print collection.

They've also got a lot of great ideas for future products, branching out of hanging artwork and in to home products. Sadly, these are not on the market yet, especially the rug below. It would be really sweet in a nursery or kids room. The second image shows an option to sign the bottom corner. 

Above is a DNA wallpaper, a little too big of a personal statement for me but hey- to each their own! I can however, get behind the thumbprint bowl below. It's very subtle and abstract but it would make such a thoughtful and personalized gift.

Another company that is using technology to make abstract art is Vapor Sky. As you can see below, these canvases can get pretty big but I'm happy to say the price range is from $199-$800! The first collection is Resonant Decor, based on a memorable sounds. They they take a sound clip you pick and turn it into a waveform and print it in the color palette you choose.

The second collection, Stellar Decor, is really interesting. This one captures the sky above you during an important memory. You send in the location, date and time and they can determine the exact position of the stars you were looking at using fancy astronomy software. Once they create the image, you can add a personal touch with the color palette.

I found the last company on my friends blog, Living Chic Studio. It's called Love Is Art, and it's a little less "high-tech" and a little more sexy then the products above. You order the Love Is Art Kit and they send you black or blue paint, a large plastic protective sheet, a white canvas, two pairs of slippers and a body scrubber. Scoot the furniture aside, roll out the protective plastic and the canvas, pour some paint and make some love! When your masterpiece is dry bring it to a local framer to have it stretched. I love these samples below, they look great and make for a fun dirty little secret. I don't think I have the guts to hang one over my sofa though..

Monday, November 28, 2011


Come check out this fun event on Saturday. It's going to be a great place to check some people off you holiday shopping list!


1. Georgia Brown Guitar Case- Whipping Post for $825.00
Looks like something Bob Dylan would have carried :)

2. Ticket Stub Diary- Uncommon Goods for $10.00
December can be a hard time to find good concert tickets, so for the concert goer on your list this book is a great way for him to organize the stubs from his unforgettable live music moments. It would also make a good gift for a sports fan.

3. Amazing things to do with Margot & the Nuclear So & So's- PledgeMusic prices ranging from $100.- $1,000.00
This is an amazing oppurtunity and a killer gift idea! Check out the link above for PledgeMusic to see the details. Basically, the band is trying to raise funding for their next album and if you donate and they reach their goal you get incentives; like an invite to a rehearsal session, VIP pass tickets, your name in the album credits, or the coolest- a 2 song recording of you and the band!

4. Mojave Picker's Wallet- Whipping Post for $30.00
I don't care if your play guitar or not, this is a pretty cool wallet for any guy! But, it definitely seems more practical for they player who can picks up a guitar at parties.

5. iVctrola for iPad- Design Within Reach for $985.00
This product is made in limited small batches because the Magnavox horns are actually from the 1920's and the base is handcrafted from American Walnut. The really cool thing about this product is that it doesn't need batteries or to be plugged in, how old school!

6. Portable Stereo Boombox for the iPod/iPhone- iHome for $199.99
FM radio and speaker system for you iPod, it also comes in hot pink :)

7. Vintage Rock, Movie and Art Tees-I Love Waterloo for $19.99
This site has an amazing variety of vintage style t-shirts, you are bound to find something to suite your music lover.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Spent the day doing some shopping for clients and the holidays, check out some fun item I found at Kudzu in Decatur.

Friday, November 25, 2011


I completely understand the ease of shopping online or at a big mall but I think it is really important to shop local and support small businesses (like myself). I'm going to give you a really easy and convenient shopping trip to take this weekend on Small Business Saturday.

Most Atlantans think of Virginia Highlands when it comes to shopping. BUT you have to remember to head south down Highland Ave. as well, into the Poncey-Highland neighborhood. Below are a list of unique gift shops that might help you check some people off your Christmas list.

We'll start the trip at the corner of Ponce de Leon and Highland Ave at Vacation Gallery and Boutique. This funky hipster shop has a small and well edited collection of music, books, accessories and vintage clothing.

vacation gallery and boutique

A few doors down you'll find Young Blood Gallery, my go-to for gift shopping. The boutique is full of housewares, jewelry, clothing, art, stationary and accessories made by local artist. The shirts are hand-printing, the purses hand-sewn and so on, making this store the ultimate source for small businesses. The back of the store is a gallery space that features a monthly show.

young blood gallery and boutique

In the same building as Young Blood you'll find Highland Row Antiques. This shop is very deceiving when you first walk in, it seems like a tiny antique furniture store but if you head to the back there's a staircase leading to a giant basement full of funky and affordable antiques. It would be a great place for stocking stuffers or houeswares. They always have a good collection of vintage toys, books, mugs, ashtrays and costume jewelry.

highland row antiques

Re-inspiration Store is a new addition to the neighborhood that recently moved from the west-side. This store sells artwork and gifts by local artists, made out of recycled materials. Re-inspiration hosts art workshops that would make a cool gift idea as well.

re-inspiration store 

A quick drive south on Highland Ave will bring you to Inman Park, where the flagship Cacao is located. This beautiful boutique chocolate shop is owned by Kristen Hard, sells hand-made bars, truffles, dipped fruit and confectionaries. A great place for Hostess gifts or stocking stuffers.

cacao atlanta chocolates

When you are all shopped-out take a quick walk across the street to Fritti for an artisan pizza and a cocktail! I recommend the Toscana.


Get out there tomorrow and support small businesses and our local economy!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Lots to be thankful for this year, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I hope everyone is as excited for Thanksgiving as I am. After you have your pumpkin pie tonight, you may plop yourself in front of football and start thinking about the next month of shopping and preparation, don't stress to much! Kayte Designs is offering Holiday Decorating and Gift Wrapping Services. I can be pretty meticulous when it comes to craftsmanship, once a design teacher told me "to step away from the model before you go cross-eyed". So wrapping presents is no joke to me; clean lines, straight tape, handmade bows and original color pallets. I love to decorate my house and tree with a different theme each year, AND that doesn't mean dropping a few hundred dollars at a decor shop. Holiday decorations can be crafted on any budget and for my house, the farther outside the traditional box the better. I also like to incorporate family traditions and heirlooms in new ways. Who says the Santa Village has to be placed on the same counter year after year? is red and green the only way to express the Holiday Season?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


In my kitchen :)


One of my clients is the team at Best Buy's Southeast Territory Office. We worked together during the move into their new office this summer and last week I decked their brand new halls with Best Buy inspired Holiday decor! We had a lot of space to cover and a tight budget to work with, so I embellished low cost items and handmade the rest. I found wrapping recycled boxes to be the biggest bang for the smallest buck.

The garland above was made with ribbon and CD's and it slowly "twinkles" in the breeze. The wreaths are from ikea, I added the Best Buy Tag and a back side made out of CD's

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As promised, I've got some cool artist for you guys to check out from my trip to the Indie Craft Experience. The fair was held in the Ambient + Studio, a really cool event space west of Downtown, it was full of just under 100 (somewhat) local vendors, a gift wrap station, a cool DJ, baked goods and winter drinks. Below are a few of my favorites from the show.

ashley buchanan
These pieces are HAND CUT out of sheets of metal or silver and then powder coated. I love that the unique technique turns classic forms into something super modern.

sweeteeth chocolate 
I bought the PB+C Bar (peanut butter and chipotle) and my life will never be the same. Highly recommend for a stocking stuffer!

yee-haw industries
Great print merchandise, framed art and dish towels.
The photos I took and these above from her online store don't do this jewelry design justice. The depth and layers Faryn Davis captures in these resin casts are beautiful, each one tells such a small but powerful story.

the argyle academy

Keep artist like these in mind when doing your Holiday shopping this year, go local!!

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