Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It's ridiculous how long it's taken me to write this post- better late then never. A few months ago I had the opportunity (thanks to decorative painter Kristen Fountain Davis) to be a part of a study group on My Color: inspired by Pantone Paint. A group of Atlanta based designers, artists and bloggers got to sit down and talk about Pantone's paint line. We were also sent a package of 6 different colors to play with. I was thrilled to find Dandelion (13-0758) in my box because it's very close to the yellow in my guest room bedding. I recently spruced up my second bath and as a result the old bathroom mirror moved into my guest room. This became a perfect opportunity to test the product and give my mirror a fresh new look!

The mirror is from Home Goods and it's had many homes since I got it. It was originally white, I painted it this plumb color and hung it on a hallway wall that was the same color. When we moved into this house it was in the second bath which has gray walls. The colors worked well together but it wasn't the right style, so I replace it with something more modern and moved it into my guest room. It's the perfect size for my shinny little dresser but I wasn't feeling the color next to my yellow and grey bedding. And so, I sanded it down, taped it, and painted it Dandelion yellow. The My Color Paint is a paint plus primer product so I followed the directions accordingly. Looking back, I probably would have used a spray paint primer if I had to do it again. The mirror frame has a lot of dips and curls going on so I had to keep each coat pretty light in order to avoid drip marks and pools of paint. Between the intricate surface and the dark color I was trying to paint over, it took quite a few coats.

Ta-da, check out my super yellow mirror! In the end, My Color Paint went on nice and smooth and was very low in oder. It gave me a great matte finish, which I usually don't gravitate to but I love how it looks above my high gloss dresser. It's a huge upgrade for the room and it looks fantastic next to my bedding, which by the way is from Target's Dwell Studio Line. Another thing to note is the wall color in this room, it's Restoration Hardware's Pumice. I love the way it changes in the light; it's a really unusual shade of grey that I would  highly recommend.

To see some other great examples of My Color: inspired by Pantone Paint check out their blog here.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Well, I know I am very late to the party but that's alright with me. After getting plenty of funny looks from people when I say "no I'm not on Twitter", I finally gave into the pressure and got my account set up. I joined Twitter a while back to follow the coaches on The Voice but then I kind of forgot about it; now I am officially a member of the tweeting society! You can follow me @KayteDesigns.


Recently I posted about the importance of art in an interior. I had so much fun pulling together a mini collection of art for under $100.00, I thought I would do it again. It just goes to show how much great art is out there for any budget or style. The pieces below are all limited edition prints or original photographs. We live in a time where it's easy to get connected to quality artists online who are eager to sell their work at fair prices.

1. Lead The Way by Heather Landis- $85.00 for a 13"x15" stretched canvas
This quality archival print is museum wrapped around a 1-1/2" wood frame, it's a great size to stand alone or be mixed into a gallery wall.

2. C'mon Get Happy by Irene Suchocki- $30.00 for an 8"x8" original print
I love this photograph of Burano, Italy; the houses look like tiny little toys. Canadian photographer Irene Suchocki prints her original photographs on premium archival paper and signs each one. See more of her work at her Etsy shop, Eye Poetry Photography.

3. Reindeer by Lisa Congdon- $60.00 for a 11"x14" limited-edition print
Lisa's Reindeer painting is down to the last 50 prints out of the 500 released. Each print is signed, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Get it while you can!

4. Well-being 1 by Valerie Roybal- $60.00 for a 11"x14 limited-edition print
This signed and numbered limited edition print is of a mixed media collage. Artist Valerie Roybal works with ripped pages of books, postcards, written letters, sketches, textiles and more. Valerie describes the work as "Order, association and reverence emerge from the collecting, sorting, arranging, shaping and placement of each piece into a whole."

5. Higher by Yvette Inuflo- $30.00 for an 8"x8" original print
Yvette Inuflo Photography is a shop I found on Etsy. Her candy colored photographs are sweet and reasonably priced at $15.00 and $30.00.

Friday, July 27, 2012


I am so excited to announce that this is my 100th post! I started this blog with no real direction or goals, mostly I thought it would be an easier way to share some of my portfolio and to keep track of design related things that I love. 

Looking towards the future, I have some goals for my blog and some projects I'm working on. I recently started working with my favorite graphic designer, Jeff Corey, on upgrading my blog, as well as my business site for Kayte Designs. This project will include rebranding, a new Kayte Designs logo and two new websites! With my new blog comes new goals for me. Considering the fact that a large part of my interior design work is in the restaurant and night club category, I plan on including more post on the subject. I am very passionate about hospitality design; I worked behind a bar for many years and my husband is in the industry. Looking back on my old posts, I'm really surprised I haven't touched on the subject more. Another focus for me is organization. Up to this point my posts have come to me very organically, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I'd like to lay down some structure and start organizing my blogging month a little better. Even though 100 posts feels like a whole lot for me, this blog is definitely still growing into it's shoes and I am still trying to figure out what direction to take things. I appreciate your support, keep on reading! I'm very open to suggestions as well- do you have a favorite post? anything you want to hear more about? Any feedback you may have is more than welcomed.

1. Here's a little teaser of something my graphic designer and I are working with, curious? 

2. Coming soon, post about well designed bars and restaurants from across the globe, as well as local hotspots and recents projects I've worked on in the hospitality industry. 

3. Time for a little structure! I have a wall in my office that I've been meaning to paint with whiteboard paint- what better time then now. I'm going to set up a big ol' calendar set up to help me organize this blog as I step into the triple digits.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


If you didn't catch my episode of Mega Dens live, you can watch it now online at xfinity


Umm, yes please! I am crazy in love with this chair / table combo, designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. Claesson designed the Isola Chair for the Italian furniture house Tacchini. It can be ordered with or without the marble table, and with the table on the left or the right side. The metal frame comes painted or in polished chrome and Tacchini has a variety of fabric and leather options to choose from.

photo credit

Monday, July 23, 2012


Amber Lewis' Home via The Glitter Guide
I am so drawn to the on-going trend of vibrant Kilim rugs. I must have missed the lesson on Kilim Rugs in History of Interior Design because I've always related the term to the patterns you typically see on Kilim rugs. BUT I looked up the meaning of the word and it actually refers to a traditional method of textile weaving, 

Kilim, a word of Turkish origin, denotes a pile-less textile of many uses produced by one of several flat-weaving techniques that have a common or closely related heritage and are practiced in the geographical area that includes parts of Turkey (Anatolia and Thrace), North Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia and China.

Good to know. I also learned that the patterns that are popular in Kilim rugs were historically used as a language of symbols. The medallions and motifs are symbols for things like love, fertility, animals, and a variety of expressions. To see some translations or to learn more about Kilim rugs go to Kilim.comI definitely like the flat-woven style of rugs- you can layer them, typically they are reversible and they're a great option for carpeted rooms. Sadly, I would not recommend a wool Kilim if you have a pet that sheds. I have a wool flat-woven rug from I kea that I'm in love with but minutes after I vacuum it ambient dog hair gravitates to it.

The traditional patterns created in these rug are what really sends me! I pulled together a collection of extra special Kilim rugs and a few pile rugs that have similar motifs. I'm gonna have to exercise some serious self-disipline in order to resist buying one of these babies before I find something new to be obsessed with.

1. Kiara Rug from Anthropologie- $78.00 to $1,298.00
If you like this runner then you should check out the rest of the sizes on Anthro's website; there are a few different patterns and they're all so beautiful. This rug is wool crewelwork with a cotton backing. Crewelwork is another traditional method that's thousands of years old; it's decorative embroidery stitching on wool that follows the outline of a pattern. It's a shame you can't see the detailed work in the online photos.

2. Old Yarn BRKT Rug from Loom
This candy colored number is from Loom's Insitu Collection. Loom is an Australian shop that makes and sources gorgeous rugs from classic to contemporary.

3. Geometric Floor Mat from Urban Outfitters- $69.00
This little Floor Mat is a great pop of color and personality. It's 6"x4" and made of woven recycled plastic. Considering it's plastic and wipes clean, it would probably hold up pretty well outside.

4. Agadir Twists Rug from Anthropologie- $998.00 to $1,998.00  
This rug is similar to the rest in style but opposite in texture. The Agadir Twists is an extra deep pile wool rug and the reviews say it's even brighter in person.

5. Magical Thinking Diamond Medallion Rug from Urban Outfitters- $69.00
The Diamond Medallion Rug is well priced for a 4'x6' woven rug. It's cotton as a posse to wool or synthetic which means it might not be a durable rug but it sure is nice to look at.

6. Andrea Millar's Dining Room- The Design Files Daily
I love the eclectic blend going on in this room! The Sydney home of The Millar Family is full of art, antiques and treasures; it's a perfect fit for a vintage Kilim rug.

Friday, July 20, 2012


This Sunday is my Birthday! I am so excite to spend some quality time with my friends and family this weekend. My husband David started working for a new restaurant group this month, so I decided to celebrating at the roof top bar of his new place of work, The Glenn Hotel. Looking forward to Champagne toasts and cake for breakfast.

I'm also excited to stop by Macy's tomorrow to find my perfect Birthday outfit! I never think to spend much time in Macy's clothing department but I was there last week picking up some face wash and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a key lime top to die for. With closer exam, I saw a matching skirt, then a cute dress, then another cute dress and so on. It's the first time I've ever come across Macy's Bar 3 line, full of flirty silhouettes in summer colors and contemporary patterns. At the time, I was still pretty tender from the car accident, so trying clothes on had little to no appeal. Check out some of my favorite's below.

The photo of this racer back dress doesn't do it justice. In person you notice the neon green leaves and hot pink flowers in the floral pattern.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Are you are looking for that one classic, quality piece to tie your whole room together? your big ticket item that will say "hello, welcome to my grown up house"? If you can relate, then you should really check out Mitchell Gold + Bob William's summer sale. Mitchell Gold + Bob William is one of my go-tos for residential design. The furniture is well made, they offer a great variety of fabrics and the designs are timeless. While the prices lean toward the high end tier; this is the kind of furniture that will last a lifetime and you really can't say that about a lot of new furniture these days. Right now, there's a huge variety of good stuff for sale, from case goods to rugs to arm chairs. I've highlighted some of my favorite items below but I definitely recommend stopping by their shop or their online store.

Nadia Chest- $1,745.00 marked down to $699.00

Ryder Rocking Chair- $1,620.00 to $649.00

Morris Side Table- $595.00- $349.00

Francis Leather Chair- $1,695.00 to $1,189.00

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I came across a great Pinterest board completely devoted to blue art. I could easily waste an afternoon looking through this board and clicking on unknown artist. Now I know where to go if I'm on the hunt for some blue artwork. 

Inspired by Jane Young's blue board, I put together a collection of home goods in idigo blue. I love the cool, moody vibe this color puts off. Refreshing!  
1. R3 Chair from Espasso  2. HIP Table by Piergil Fourquie  3. Lace Rug from Kasthall Atelier  4. Navy Dining Room on Pinterest via Louash  5. Elephant Ceramics  6. Liam Sofa by Mitchell Gold  + Bob Williams

Monday, July 16, 2012


Meet my new favorite lighting designer Christopher Boots! I came across one of his custom fixtures PROMETHEUS on Design Crush and I had to see more. I am in love with every piece on his site, which is why I'm posting 90% of his portfolio below. Christopher has a background in industrial design and product engineering. He currently works in Australia with a diverse team of artists including glass-blowers, coppersmiths, ceramicists, sculptors and bronze-casters. His work looks beautifully crafted and the designs are so simple and elegant. "Boots is driven by a love of nature and light, expressed through designing and creating beautiful unique lighting". He works with materials like gold, zinc, iron, copper, carbon and crystal and the results are breathtaking- I imagine the prices are as well.







Friday, July 13, 2012


Art is one of the most important components in a finished space. It can be used to tie together a color palette, to send a clear message of taste and personality or to add an unsuspected twist to the design. Art can be used to tell a story about the owner; it can be sentimental, humorous, dramatic, political, bazaar or just pretty to look at. Art is also another layer of texture, and pattern in a room. If you're someone that's afraid to commit to color and patterns then you can keep a room neutral and add a spark of personality through artwork. I try to buy original art as often as I can, but I don't think it's a crime to buy mass-produced art. Depending on your taste, buying originals can be a very expensive habit and much like tattoos- once you get one it's hard to stop! Personally, I would sacrifice a vacation or shoe shopping spree for a new piece of art, every painting, print or photograph I own has a sentimental value and a story attached to it that I will never forget. 
Lucky for our wallets, today's art scene has become more excepting of limited edition prints. Cool contemporary art can be found in print format at galleries, personal websites and art sites like Etsy, 20x200 or Society6. So no matter your budget, you can be an art collector. Get the most out of your collection by mixing originals with limited edition prints, tag sale art and DIY projects. Think about it in terms of fashion, most people can't walk into Neman Marcus and afford to walk out with a head to toe outfit but if you find a great pair of designer shoes, you can mix them with an outlet purse, a trendy top from H&M, some vintage jewelry and your favorite jeans. There is no shame in buying a piece of art from a store like Target or Ikea, as long as you don't fill your walls with them. Below are some cool limited edition prints by contemporary artists that you can find online for under $100.00!

1. Intersections 24 by Alessandro Puccinelli- $100.00 for an 8"x8"
Lux Archive works with museum quality prints of contemporary photography. Each photograph comes in a variety of sizes and is signed by the artist.

2. Myriad by Yellena James- $60.00 for an 11"x17" archival pigment print
This print by Yellena James is from 20x200, there are 500 signed and numbered high quality prints that come with a certificate of authenticity.

3. Elia by Tali- $20.00
This little gem is listed as a Tiny Canvas Print in the Etsy Shop tushtush. The illustrator Tali resides in Tel Aviv, Israel and she has beautiful original oils as well as hand-streched canvas prints for sale. Although it is a print of an oil painting, it has a hand-made touch because the artist prints the canvas and mounts it on a wood frame with staples. These super small prints would be perfect to blend into a gallery wall or an odd corner of your home.

4. Salt Water Cure by Tina Crespo- $85.00 for a 13"x16" stretched canvas
Society6 offers fine art in a variety of formats; prints, framed prints, stretched canvas, iphone and ipod cases, t-shirts and stationary.

5. Convergence by Liz Brizzi- $70.00 for a 28"x34" Giclee print

Here are some examples of rooms that come to life because of the art selection.

contemporary art gives a traditional space more depth and character

found objects as a gallery wall can be done cheap but looks rich and full of personality

art used to tie together a color pallet

simple texture and materials used as art to create contrast

professional or personal photography, layered to tell a story

neutral room with art as a burst of color

large artwork to add a strong message and personality

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


On Monday I wrote a post about decorating my front porch. Yesterday I stopped by Ballard Designs to pick up my fabulous new rug but I was disappointed when I saw it in person. The Suzanne Kasler Indoor/Outdoor Ikat Rug is unlike the rest of Ballard's indoor/outdoor rugs; it's a thick loop pile as appose to flat woven so it looks and feels like an indoor rug. This rug would be a great fit for someone who's needs a durable, easy to clean rug for inside their home- a pet owners or someone with children. Even though it's 100% poly-acrylic, the rug didn't look like it would hold up very well outside. Our front porch is uncovered and unprotected from the elements. I also wasn't feeling the thick texture, it just wasn't what I had in mind. So I left the store empty handed and went back to the drawing board. 

original concept

I already got the white Ikea chairs, the teal metal table from Cost Plus World Market and the planters from West Elm. It was tempting to grab the West Elm lumbar pillows because the price is so great and they only had a couple left but I knew I would have more rug options available if I wasn't committed to the tan pillows. Below are a few alternatives I came up with that include the white and teal pieces I already have. 

The first look is the most exciting to me; the golden and rusty colors combine very well with the teal and the mix of patterns would add a lot of interest to such a small space. My biggest concern with this option is that the color palette might get old fast, I don't typically lean towards Earthy colors like these. 

Vinhais Garden Pot from Anthropologie, Lumbar Pillow in Raffia Gate Tuscan from Frontgate, Leanne Ikat Rug from Horchow

Our house is painted a light sage green, so when I came across this outdoor rug I thought that the range of blues and greens could tie the porch decor into the exterior of the house. Also, I've always liked the way green pillows and cushions look outdoors against natural greenery.

Beacon Birdhouse from Anthropologie, Trimaran Stripe Pillow from Dash & Albert Company, Pond Stripe Rug from Dash & Albert Company

The final look I pulled together is bold black and white with a pop of teal. This look is similar to the interior of our house. The porch is painted white so I like the idea of a high contrast rug and a simple palette. Also, our back porch furniture is black metal with khaki cushions and aqua blue and khaki pillows, if I wanted to mix things up back there I could switch these pillows out for a new look. I think the thick black stripes and dark pots would catch people's eyes from the street and from the inside of our living room. 

ANGENAM Vase from Ikea, Throw Pillow from Land of Pillows, Diamond Rug from Dash & Albert Rug Company
Now I just need to make a choice...

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