Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I want to show you guys how easy it is to change the mood of a room by switching one or two key items. The photo below is from Elle Decor's Favorite Rooms of 2011. The room is very clean, simple, modern and understated. The furniture gives the space a masculine feel, but by adding the Love artwork it becomes more feminine. The chairs are iconic Mid-centruy and the concrete table and accessories gives the room some natural elements. Watch what happens when we switch up the pedestal table with some other styles.

Elle Decor

This iconic table by Eero Saarinen is a safe switch-up because it's from the same era as the chairs. By replace the existing table with this one, we would be giving the room a very definitive Mid-century style. The color palette in the photograph is monochromatic white with black as an accent, the Saarinen Table would push it into a black and white high contrast scheme. 

saarinen table

I picked this table based on the artwork in the image, it feels like a Pop piece and it also makes me think of Palm Springs. The Bianca table by Bradley Hughes would add more of that glitz and glamour into the room.

bradley hughes

This table comes from B & B Italia, a leader in high end modern furniture design. I picked it because it's a very traditional form and it would add a level of polish and tradition to the room. Because the table is lacking decorative details, it remains fairly modern.

b & b italia

The Drain Table by Marcel Wanders is a humorous table that would add a spark of youth and cheer into the room. The bright color adds some warms and a burst of life and the glossy red plays off of the Love artwork. It's made out of aluminum sheet and there's a glass panels covering the hole in the center. When you see this table in person it has the illusion of a deep sinking hole in the center.


A very different approach to adding warmth into the photo is with this table made out of natural drift wood. The warm wood brings some of the nature in the background, into the for-ground. The glass top keeps the space airy and light.

pieces atlanta
Consider this game if you have a room in your house that's feeling a little stale. It's fun mixing different styles and eras together to create unique moods. Don't be afraid to try something new!

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