Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I found this amazing artist on a friend of mine's Pinterest Board. The photographer Martin Klimas creates abstract stills by pouring paint above a speaker and playing music like Miles Davis and Steve Reich. The color palette and music create a beautiful effect when photographed with a crazy high shutter speed of 1/7,000 of a second. You can read more about the collection, Painting With Sound, in The New York Times. He has some other really interesting collections in his portfolio featuring shattering ceramic, birds in flight and floating silk scarves- all with a beautiful effect of motion trapped in still photography.

Paul Hindemith's "Ludus Tonalis"

Steve Reich's "Music for 18 Musicians"

Steve Reich's "Drumming" 

Miles Davis' "Pharaoh's Dance"

Kraftwerk's "Transistor"

Miles Davis's "Bitches Brew"

artist Martin Klimas

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