Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I first found Ana Serrano a couple years ago in Juxtapoz Handmade. This crazy cardboard sculpture below is called Cartonlandia. It floated around the blog scene for a while and I'm still in love with it- if I could I would display this on my dining room table!

via Reuben Miller

Ana Serrano's newest installation took place at Rice Gallery, a bad-ass installation gallery at Rice University in Huston, Texas. Salon of Beauty is this vibrant cardboard and paper installation inspired by the urban neighborhoods and culture of Los Angeles. Serrano is first generation Mexican-American and she designed this environment based on memories and details of growing up in LA. I am so impressed with the tiny touches and the sweet humor of building a city (including cinderblocks, burglar bars, and electric panels) out of colorful cardboard.

photos by Nash Baker via Ana Serrano

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