Monday, April 23, 2012


I read about Mineheart at one of my favorite blogs, The Designer Pad. This UK based company produces a line of wallpaper that features realistic patterns on high-quality paper. Their wallpaper can be used residentially and commercially- I love the idea of using the tufted Chesterfield pattern in a lounge or a nightclub! The stone fresco and wood paneling patterns are really interesting too because they're such traditional images used in an untraditionally way. It must be a little trippy running your fingers against these images with so much depth and antiquity only to find a smooth (and washable) wall. When I browsed through the Mineheart website I was reminded of a couple other wallpaper companies that have similar collections, check them out below.

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Wall & Deco is a crazy cool wallpaper company with a lot of unique patterns. They have graphic patterns, large scale artwork, custom paper and photo realistic wallpaper. These beautiful images below are another example of realistic wallpaper; it's such a sexy way to add texture and grit to a room!

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Concrete Wall is a collection of  wallpaper made by manipulating high-res photographs of concrete, cinder block, brick and wood. All the images are from Norway and no pattern is ever repeated.

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