Thursday, April 12, 2012


Last weekend I finished up a little home project inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest via a post from Apartment Therapy. I have a coffee table on my patio that has seen better days; the wood slat top is rotting but the metal base is in great condition. The image inspired me to transform my table into an rustic herb garden. For my pallet garden to fit on the table I had to cut down one end, this gave me an extra board that I used to create a small drink ledge so the planter would also function as a side table. 

Below is a real simple step-by-step to help you create your own "urban garden" with a pallet. Pallets are really easy to find; ask your local hardware store or grocery store if you can take some or keep an eye out for them by commercial dumpsters (no shame in dumpster diving people). The lumber is great for small crafty projects because in most cases it's already distressed and the components are small enough for most people to manage. 
When you get ahold of a pallet make sure you remove any splinters and loose nails and sand down the edges. I wrapped the back and exposed sides of the planter with weed barrier fabric and then stapled it in place starting from the middle and working my way out. When you are trying to figure out where to place your fabulous new garden, make sure you consider drainage. My existing table was a great option because the top was loosely slated wood and would allow for rain water drain out, in my inspiration photo on Pinterest they rested their planted against the wall. When your planter is sealed tight fill it with potting soil plant your desired herbs or flowers. It took me close to 2 bags of soil to fill the pallet and I based the amount of herbs I planted on the distance required by each plant. When the pallet was full and planted I hosed it off and added my final board that would make up my drink ledge!

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