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Industrial and Furniture Designer, Charlotte Lancelot's most recent work for Gan Rugs and Gandia Blascos outdoor furniture was featured at this summers The Oporto Show. The young and talented designer is from Brussels and began her career by working for architect/designer Alain Berteau for a couple years before going out on her own. The awards and press under her belt at the age of 32 are pretty freaking impressive! She aspires to improve the living conditions around her with her work. Her philosophy is described best on her website and seen below: 

Convinced that objects can change the world, Charlotte Lancelot tackles all their dimensions. Starting from observation and study of functions, she draws attention to the emotional well-being that they procure and the new lifestyles that they suggest. It is with subtlety and refinement that she develops her products, making them clever and poetic in her absolute commitment to meeting our requirements. 
Aware that objects are a matter of desire and that we only acquire them because they speak to us and about us, Charlotte Lancelot devises creative and playful concepts around the theme of durable development, which is one of the main lines of her research.

Lancelot's work that was featured in the The 2012 Oporto Show was an extension of her Embroidery Rug Line. The exclusive collection for Gan includes; Canevas Rugs, Canevas Modular Pouff, Canevas Soft Puf and Canevas Cushion. Each one is personally constructed by Lancelot and she chooses the materials felt and wood because she can use factory scraps for her knit-work tecnique.

This patterned rug below is by far my favorite piece!

Here are a few other noteworthy products by Charlotte. The Orchid Collection is a line of tableware place mats and coasters, made out of polypropylene. The organic, lacy floral pattern gives the host an opportunity to be creative set up their table. It would be great for adding interest under serving pieces on a buffet table or for any shape dining table. I have a small round dining table that looks terrible with square or rectangle place mats, I bet this set up would look great :)

Format 10/10 is a wall-covering made of felt and Kvadrat fabrics. It's decorative, sound absorbent and can work as a tack board. A product like this is very valuable in opens spaces like lofts or giant offices. 

I like the idea of Felt Floor as an alternative to traditional square carpet tiles. The rectangle shape would offer a variety of patterns and synthetic wool is durable and helpful for sound control.

Conical Chair is made out of plywwod and foam. The curved wood frame is stackable and the opening in the back is an attractive carrying handle.

Popup is a light-weight wool wrapped foam ottoman when closed up and a lounge chair when it's opened. I think this is a great design for extra seating in a tight living space.

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