Monday, September 17, 2012


Lightboys is a company that makes large scale, quality LED backlit photographs. The company was created by Designer and Craftsman, Jirko Bannas, and Creative Director and photo-book publisher, Oliver Seltmann. They are based out of Hamburg, Germany and the photographs from their online gallery are from Internationally known photographers.
I looked into Lightboys for a project once, I think their product Polaboy is so freaking cool and versatile. You can choose from their online photo gallery full of beautiful professional photos that have an eerie vintage vibe going on or you can send in your own Polaroid. I was plesantly surprised with their prices for custom piece (to get pricing information contact Lightboys via email). I think this would be a great way to add some ambient lighting to a large space, it would be a creative way to share a family photo or a wedding picture. I could see one above my fireplace!


Another product by Lightboys is the Lightwall. By using the highest quality of LED light panels and photography enlargement, Lightboys are able to create this flat and evenly lit photo panel. I would love to use this product in a bar or retail space!


The Roof Top Lights is similar to the Lightwall in technonlogy. This photo panel and lighting system is light weight and ultra-thin so it mounts to a ceiling easily.

Roof Top Lights

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