Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I love this company's story, WSAKE is a father-daughter run company in Regensburg, Germany. They design jewelry and beautiful little plant accessories. The father Waldemar Artmann has been a silversmith for over 50 years and he creates all his designs by hand. His daughter became a graphic designer and jewelry designer in 2009. With Waldemar's extensive experience and his daughter's fresh eyes, they've been creating beautiful and delicate works of art. I especially love their Plant Jewels; a collection of handmade spikes that add a bit of glitz and personality to your potted plants or bouquettes. They are made out of silver, copper and brass with unique materials like ostrich egg shell, porcupine needles, wild hog tooth, mountain crystals, pebbles, amethyst and more. They are so unusual and beautiful, I especially love the porcupine needles! 

WSAKE also makes a product called the Can Vase. It's a brass vase with interchangeable tops that help shape your flower arrangement. It comes in two different sizes and you can order the caps individually. 

You should definitely make a stop at WSAKE's website to see their full collection of jewelry. I singled out a few of my favorites below. Their style is very simple and minimal, making them a perfect source for everyday pieces.

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