Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I've had so much fun Christmas shopping and working on my Holiday Gift Guides that I thought I would put together a dream Christmas list for myself. If you have Santa's email address, please send him a link!

1. Plex Led Cuckoo Clock- Occa-Home for $200.00
I first saw this clock on Fab. but I missed the sale :( I love the cheeky and simple design and the vibrant colors it comes in.

2. Squares Blanket- Ferm Living for $149.95
This throw blanket was made for my sofa.

3. DIY Charm Necklace- Anthropologie (prices vary)
I've always loved the concept of charm bracelets and necklaces but I usually find the charms to be a little cheesey. Juicy Couture carries a cute line but even they seem a little bubbly for my taste. This new collection from Anthropologie is right up my ally, with tiny trinkets and oddities as charms.

4. Dark Nostaligia- Amazon for $45.00
This design book by Eva Hagberg is beautiful and unique. I had a chance to check out this book  briefly and I haven't stopped thinking about it. There are so many great hotel, restaurant, and bar designs in it! It would be a perfect source for inspiration.

5. Holga iPhone Lens- Photojojo Store for $30.00
Downloading the free app. Instagram has change my life. I take photos on my iPhone for work all the time, mostly of furniture while I'm shopping or project progress. With Instagram I can edit them to look like something off an actual camera. This Holga Lens would add another level to the editing I can do on my iPhone!

6. Sihouette Cameo for $299.99
If you are a crafty person, you need to check this thing out! It works like a home printer but instead of printing images, it cuts intricate designs into paper, vinyl, fabric and more. You can use your own design or work with the templates from the online store. I am dying to play with one.

7. One of a Kind World Globe- Etsy
I love globes and this one is so unusual. It's from the 1940's and over time the paper was removed or came off. The effect is this mix between modern and vintage, that Restoration Hardware should be all over. Sadly, this crazy cool globe has been sold, I want!!

1. Meadow Collection- Glassbaby for $440.00
While I would never expect Santa to spend this much on glass votive holders, I had to share. I found this company on the show 'Home By Novogratz'. The married design team works out of New York and the cameras follow them to a lot of cool local boutiques on the show. Glassbaby makes beautiful handblown glass votive holders and "drinkers"that are sold individually or in sets like this one.

2. Laguiole Letter Opener for $42.30
Laguiole is a classic knife and corkscrew company known for it high quality products. I like this because it's neon!

3. 'Untitled' by Dorthe Alstrup- 20x200 from $20.00 - $2,000.00
I would put about 90% of the artwork sold on 20x200 in my home. They carry limited edition prints for great prices and the artists involved are awesome. I'm always looking for art for my home, but lately I've been trying to fill a photography void. I love this print because it has such a playful story hidden inside and the colors are beautiful. 

4. Jessica Simpson Bede2 Pump- Belk for $79.00
I came across these at Belk last week and wanted to eat them up! Color blocking is real big right now and I love wearing bright shoes because I wear a lot of dark neutral clothes.

5. Stereoluxe AM/FM Radio and MP3 Dock- Urban Outfitters for $199.00
Design meets function- this is a beautiful way to accessories your home and listen to music. This MP3 player has a home in my living room.

6. Wildwood: The Wildwood Chronicles- Amazon for $17.99
Colin Meloy, the lead singer for The Decemberists, and his wife / illustrator collaborated on this book and I've been dying to read it. It looks amazing!

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