Monday, December 12, 2011


1. Horn Handle Corkscrew- Laguiole for $189.00
I know there are lots of fancy, high-tech ways to open wine these days, but any true connoisseur (including any restaurant sommelier) prefers a traditional corkscrew. Laguiole is an iconic knife and corkscrew company from France that's been around since 1829. Their products are well designed and made in lots of exotic materials, like this one with a horn handle.

2. Colonel Monocle in Whiskey Tortoise- Warby Parker for $50.00
Warby Parker is a really cool and affordable eye-ware company. You can check out their inventory online and sign up to get a box of your favorite 5 pairs sent to your home to try on for free. For the more adventurous and sophisticated person on your list, why not go Monocle?

3. Bacon Moon Pie- Uncrate $33.00 for 4
"Bacon Moon Pies are expertly produced savory treats made using high-quality bacon sourced from CA to create a traditional Scottish shortbread with rice flour, bacon fat and bacon cracklin. In between is a marshmallow made from Vermont maple syrup and high-quality bourbon, along with a bacon fat and cracklin caramel, all of which gets encased in 72% dark chocolate." Umm yummy.

4. NUB Cigars- Uncrate for $5.00-$8.00
Don't know much about cigars but I thought these were note-worthy because they're short so you don't have to commit to a big expensive cigar in one sitting.

5. Whiskey Stones and Gift Set- Uncommongoods from $19.50-$58.00
I personally enjoy a couple ice cubes in my whiskey or tequilla because I like a little water melted in the drink. If you like a pure chilled drink, put Whiskey Stones in your freezer and add a few into your glass to keep things cold without the pesky melting factor. They are made out of soapstone so they wont scratch your glassware.

6. 'Talk Jerky to Me' Tasting Box- Foodzie for $29.95
Foodzie is a really great site for unique food related gifts. I think this Jerky Tasting is a fun and manly gift, it would pair well with a bottle of red wine or glass of whiskey. 

7. 2009 Velvet Glove Shiraz- Mollydooker for $185.00
"...intense warm blackberry, choco-mint, smoked bacon and marmite-toast aromas with nuaces of coffee, roasted nuts and vanilla." -Lisa Perrotti Brown
Obviously a pricey wine, but if there is a person on your list that you need to impress, this is the wine for them. The beautiful bottle comes in a black velvet bag and is uniquely shaped. It's an award winning design and an award winning wine. This is the kind of wine you will never forget drinking.

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