Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Everybody has garbage and everybody needs to put is somewhere. It makes perfect sense to want to hide your trash can or buy something that disappears into it's surroundings. BUT, a wastebasket can also be a design opportunity. I have a very narrow galley kitchen with limited counter space and almost no wall space due to how many cabinets and windows there are. For situations like this I say take advantage of any opportunity to pop in some personality, same goes for little powder rooms or under desk waste bins. 

1. In Attesa Wastebasket $84.00
2. Wesco Kickboy Bin $239.00
3. Crazy Zig Zag Waste Bin $75.00
4. Sense Bin $49.00
5. WS Bath Collection Waste Basket $315.00

6. Tubelor Trashcan
7. Square Can from Pinterest
8. Atlantic Hex Waste Basket $75.00
9. KNODD Bin $14.99
10.Pallete Waste Can $29.99

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