Wednesday, October 10, 2012


So sorry I haven't been around this week. I've been spending my extra time working on some house projects with David. I'm still recovering from my car accident and dealing with physical therapy so my mood has been in a kind of funk. A great way to feel better is to be in a comfortable surrounding. I think anyone can agree that you feel better if you come home to a clean house after a bad day, well the same goes with redecorating with me. I'm not talking about going out and buying a new oriental rug, just some sprucing up and re-arranging. I started with a fall table arrangement that I'll share that later because currently my office has migrated to the dining table and my pretty arrangement is sitting on the floor! I've done some long over due framing of artwork for my bedroom and master bath, and I have plans to do some bedroom wall painting. 

The project that kept me up late last night is my new living room drapery. When making home improvements in a rental you really need to weigh your options. Do you want to invest in something custom if you may only be there for a few years? You can't spend money on things like paint, lighting fixtures, landscaping and drapery with the justification "it adds value to my property". You have to keep in mind that you are only making purchases for your comfort and enjoyment. With that being said, I try to stay away from custom features that would have no use to me if we moved, with the exception of painting. Our front windows are large and they are not standard. Up until yesterday we had cheap-o plastic blinds that our landlord installed. They're great because they give us multiple levels of privacy (which is really important to me) but they sure are ugly! We went with an Ikea system for it's price, versatility and the fact that we can customize it for this space but easily take it apart and re-work it in the future.

The bottom layer of the three layer system are simple white semi-sheer panels. I picked this because I want the option for full privacy during the day without blocking the sunlight with a heavy drapery. Our house is at street level and I like to know that if I'm stomping around in my PJ's the mailman isn't staring at me. The second layer is made of grey loose-woven panels. This layer adds some visual interest and texture. Plus, it's a perfect compromise for my privacy needs and David getting to enjoy the scenery outside. We doubled up on this layer so we can adjust the amount of transparency. 

The final layer is the thick purple drapery panels. This part I'm still iffy on- I love the idea of fabric to frame the window and to hide the other layers when I want the window open. I plan on keeping these fixed open but there is a chance I will end up changing the fabric. You should never be afraid to make some returns when decorating. When buying accessories and textiles I sometimes over buy so I have room for adjustments- just make sure you ask about the return policy. I haven't properly hung the purple drapes, or hemmed them because I'm going to take some time to live with it. Check it out during different times of day and with different levels of lighting. All-in-all the system cost $233 before tax and like I said before, it can be reworked, moved, shortened and added to. Check out a couple different levels of layers below.

More projects coming soon, including the final look of our front deck, pillow upgrades and my master bedroom makeover. Paint is the quickest and cheapest way to change the look of a room. Here's a sneak peak of the direction I'm planning on going.

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