Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I am so excited to be launching my new Kayte Designs website today! I have been working with graphic designer and web developer Jeff Corey for a few months now on rebranding Kayte Designs and and improving both my business site and my blog. The blog will be ready to launch in a couple weeks and I will be changing the domain to crazygooddesigns.com, but first comes the new and improved kaytedesigns.com. The new KD logo was created with a pattern that I always doodle while I'm brainstorming. I like the mix of a hand drawn pattern and a fat, bold typeface. I've worked with Jeff Corey on a few of my commercial projects, he created the logo and branding for 5th Street Cafe, Escorpion and he did the wall graphics for Scenario. I knew that if I gave him a bunch of links to sites I like he would be able to help me pin-point the exact look I need for my web site. It's similar to what I can do if a client who shows me pages from books and magazines- I can analyze what the images have in common and what the basic theme is through out. Jeff and I worked on creating a simple gallery style site that is an elegant background for my photographs. I think the site is easy to navigate and rich with content. Below are some images of the key features and changes.

Not only did Jeff help me get my site visually pleasing, we also added some much needed features like ways to connect via social media and live feeds from Twitter, Instagram and and Pinterest accounts.

The new site operates through Wordpress, I am so happy with how easy it is to add to my portfolio and the News feed. I created the old Kayte Designs site through iWeb and I felt like it was always giving me problems. I set up the Portfolio section to work like a blog so I could add work to it often but it was such a nightmare to operate that I eventually stopped adding to it. The back end of this Wordpress site is so simple and it looks 100 times better! Make sure you check out my new site at Kaytedesigns.com and check back soon for the new Crazy Good Designs site.

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