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Art is one of the most important components in a finished space. It can be used to tie together a color palette, to send a clear message of taste and personality or to add an unsuspected twist to the design. Art can be used to tell a story about the owner; it can be sentimental, humorous, dramatic, political, bazaar or just pretty to look at. Art is also another layer of texture, and pattern in a room. If you're someone that's afraid to commit to color and patterns then you can keep a room neutral and add a spark of personality through artwork. I try to buy original art as often as I can, but I don't think it's a crime to buy mass-produced art. Depending on your taste, buying originals can be a very expensive habit and much like tattoos- once you get one it's hard to stop! Personally, I would sacrifice a vacation or shoe shopping spree for a new piece of art, every painting, print or photograph I own has a sentimental value and a story attached to it that I will never forget. 
Lucky for our wallets, today's art scene has become more excepting of limited edition prints. Cool contemporary art can be found in print format at galleries, personal websites and art sites like Etsy, 20x200 or Society6. So no matter your budget, you can be an art collector. Get the most out of your collection by mixing originals with limited edition prints, tag sale art and DIY projects. Think about it in terms of fashion, most people can't walk into Neman Marcus and afford to walk out with a head to toe outfit but if you find a great pair of designer shoes, you can mix them with an outlet purse, a trendy top from H&M, some vintage jewelry and your favorite jeans. There is no shame in buying a piece of art from a store like Target or Ikea, as long as you don't fill your walls with them. Below are some cool limited edition prints by contemporary artists that you can find online for under $100.00!

1. Intersections 24 by Alessandro Puccinelli- $100.00 for an 8"x8"
Lux Archive works with museum quality prints of contemporary photography. Each photograph comes in a variety of sizes and is signed by the artist.

2. Myriad by Yellena James- $60.00 for an 11"x17" archival pigment print
This print by Yellena James is from 20x200, there are 500 signed and numbered high quality prints that come with a certificate of authenticity.

3. Elia by Tali- $20.00
This little gem is listed as a Tiny Canvas Print in the Etsy Shop tushtush. The illustrator Tali resides in Tel Aviv, Israel and she has beautiful original oils as well as hand-streched canvas prints for sale. Although it is a print of an oil painting, it has a hand-made touch because the artist prints the canvas and mounts it on a wood frame with staples. These super small prints would be perfect to blend into a gallery wall or an odd corner of your home.

4. Salt Water Cure by Tina Crespo- $85.00 for a 13"x16" stretched canvas
Society6 offers fine art in a variety of formats; prints, framed prints, stretched canvas, iphone and ipod cases, t-shirts and stationary.

5. Convergence by Liz Brizzi- $70.00 for a 28"x34" Giclee print

Here are some examples of rooms that come to life because of the art selection.

contemporary art gives a traditional space more depth and character

found objects as a gallery wall can be done cheap but looks rich and full of personality

art used to tie together a color pallet

simple texture and materials used as art to create contrast

professional or personal photography, layered to tell a story

neutral room with art as a burst of color

large artwork to add a strong message and personality

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