Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It's ridiculous how long it's taken me to write this post- better late then never. A few months ago I had the opportunity (thanks to decorative painter Kristen Fountain Davis) to be a part of a study group on My Color: inspired by Pantone Paint. A group of Atlanta based designers, artists and bloggers got to sit down and talk about Pantone's paint line. We were also sent a package of 6 different colors to play with. I was thrilled to find Dandelion (13-0758) in my box because it's very close to the yellow in my guest room bedding. I recently spruced up my second bath and as a result the old bathroom mirror moved into my guest room. This became a perfect opportunity to test the product and give my mirror a fresh new look!

The mirror is from Home Goods and it's had many homes since I got it. It was originally white, I painted it this plumb color and hung it on a hallway wall that was the same color. When we moved into this house it was in the second bath which has gray walls. The colors worked well together but it wasn't the right style, so I replace it with something more modern and moved it into my guest room. It's the perfect size for my shinny little dresser but I wasn't feeling the color next to my yellow and grey bedding. And so, I sanded it down, taped it, and painted it Dandelion yellow. The My Color Paint is a paint plus primer product so I followed the directions accordingly. Looking back, I probably would have used a spray paint primer if I had to do it again. The mirror frame has a lot of dips and curls going on so I had to keep each coat pretty light in order to avoid drip marks and pools of paint. Between the intricate surface and the dark color I was trying to paint over, it took quite a few coats.

Ta-da, check out my super yellow mirror! In the end, My Color Paint went on nice and smooth and was very low in oder. It gave me a great matte finish, which I usually don't gravitate to but I love how it looks above my high gloss dresser. It's a huge upgrade for the room and it looks fantastic next to my bedding, which by the way is from Target's Dwell Studio Line. Another thing to note is the wall color in this room, it's Restoration Hardware's Pumice. I love the way it changes in the light; it's a really unusual shade of grey that I would  highly recommend.

To see some other great examples of My Color: inspired by Pantone Paint check out their blog here.

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