Friday, November 4, 2011


This post is inspired by my favorite roommate of all times, Maria. Maria was a very proud owner of a cherry red Beetle while we were in college and I spent lots of time in the passenger seat speeding around the squares in Savannah. I wish I could have seen her face when news hit of the new body style! I saw one on the road yesterday and I am into it. The design is less bubbly and "toyish" then the last design. The intention was to make a more aggressive and sporty version but of course staying true to the Beetle legacy. Now I just need to convince Maria to buy one so I can ride around shotgun. 

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Another thing I have to give a creative "tip of the hat" to is VW's consistency in their minimalist and witty ad campaigns for The Beetle. This revolutionary campaign was dreamt up by Dan Doyle Bernbach in the 1960's.

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Below is the an ad from the New Beetle launched in 1998, a clean and understated throwback to the original campaign. 

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Todays ad stays true to the originals (down to the bold san serif font).
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